SEO optimization for responsive onepage websites

SEO optimisation for responsive onepage websites

SEO optimization

Competition and keyword analysis

One of the foundations of successful website optimization for search engines is well-chosen keywords. Keyword research and analysis are essential to the right selection of keywords. Proper keywords are going to have minimal competition and a continuous increase in inbound traffic to a particular page. Growth of organic page traffic is an enabler of constant business growth and, thus, long-term business success. Keyword competition appertains to the analysis of how high a specific keyword ranks on a search engine, which largely depends on its popularity and competition. The constant growth of the Internet and online businesses make finding keywords an increasingly difficult job. Choosing and analyzing keywords and keyword competition is a significant and time-consuming job. After creating a website, SEO optimization does not stop, and neither does the selection and optimization of the right keywords. The battle for first place on a Google search engine is real and, by all means, not an easy job. Daily, millions of different sites struggle for a search engine to recognize their keyword for a particular term.

Customization of the page and its content

Raising traffic and optimizing websites for search engines is not an easy task, as already mentioned. The essential digital marketing tool for this type of work is called SEO optimization. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. For search engines, a web page without carefully selected content of high quality is difficult or almost impossible to rank. SEO consists of several strategies, techniques, and methods. There are two types of SEO: on-page and off-page. On-page SEO focuses on raising search engine rankings with the use of well-composed texts and keywords, page loading speed, and other methods. Off-page SEO compares other websites and tries to highlight a particular page among its other competition. SEO optimization requires continuous work and improvement of existing knowledge and data. The search engines reward all the work and effort of excellent and well-optimized websites with high ranking.

Using tools for analysis and problem resolving

SEO optimization consists of analyzing and solving technical problems that are responsible for the reduction in the visibility of selected keywords. Some of these problems are rooted in poor design and slow page loading. A website with a design that is not intuitive and cannot be indexed by search engines concludes in a negative search engine ranking trend. A thorough SEO audit of a website, with the help of various tools, is done to find the problem and address it adequately. Analyzing the links to the site is also a vital part of SEO audit because links can very much affect the search results. Investing in SEO website optimization is investing in its visibility and branding. Regardless of the competition and how many new websites are going to appear tomorrow, constant and quality SEO assures that the website continually remains visible on the Internet.

Modifications, improvements, and reporting

The purpose of SEO reporting is to look for errors and correct them so that the website can improve and grow by monitoring the progress of the page and measuring its performance. Measuring changes in the number of visitors to a page and locating links and landing pages that bring visitors is done with the use of Google Analytics tools. The optimization of landing pages emanates in the increase of the organic flow of visitors and traffic to the site. By tracking your position in the Google rankings and rankings for specific keywords, SEO experts get a clear insight into the quality and effectiveness of SEO optimization. SEO report serves as a tool to improve the performance of a web site and find different ways to drive traffic through organic search. With SEO optimization, the online market race becomes fair play. No matter how much money goes in paid ads, the search engine prefers the natural growth of visitors to the website, thus considering the specific page relevant for certain keywords.

SEO website analysis

The first step in website optimization requires a detailed analysis of the website itself. This can be achieved by analyzing the current situation, reviewing the content on the page and conducting testing on the level of optimization of the page.

Customization of the website and its content

Content is formatted according to guidelines that should meet strict browser criteria such as readability, links, keyword frequency, and search terms.

SEO ranking analysis

All modifications and adjustments need to be monitored in real time on a daily basis in order to respond in a timely manner to any change in ranking and to maintain the constant growth of ranking resulting from SEO website optimization.

SEO modifications, continuous improvement and tracking

It is extremely important to compare SEO optimization data and make decisions about changing and adding content to websites.

Website SEO optimization services


Web scan

  • URL address analysis
  • Website SEO revision
  • Evaluating the "health" of the site
  • "Tracker" for social networks

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SEO optimization

  • Tracking the daily position of websites
  • On-page SEO optimization
  • Backlinks revision
  • Backlink building

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Fast SEO

  • On-page SEO analysis
  • Analysis of keywords and terms
  • Recommendations for SEO optimization
  • Creating and submitting SEO report

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cebelica Meli

One year ago

I am very pleased with the service! I would recommend Zorland to everyone!

Marta S

One year ago

Odlično, brzo i profesionalno odrađen posao, hvala.

Jasna K

One year ago

Great, fast and professional job, thank you.

Marko K

One year ago

Professional, fast, and at the same time meticulous. It perfectly balances between technical and creative! Thanks Zoky!

Marina P

One year ago

Zoran approaches the project professionally, calmly and with a lot of attention. He was open to all my suggestions and changes, and he also gave me a lot of professional advice and insights to make our website meet high standards. I am very pleased with the communication and performance. Thanks!

Domagoj K

One year ago

Professionally and very quickly I recommend it to everyone and a fair price

Krunoslav G

One year ago

Zoran approaches the project professionally, calmly and with a lot of attention. He was open to all my suggestions and changes, and he also gave me a lot of professional advice and insights to make our website meet high standards. I am very pleased with the communication and performance. Thanks!

Krešimir P

One year ago


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