Mission and vision

Mission and Vision

Our mission is to provide high-quality services necessary to adapt micro and small businesses to modern trends. We want to help them to fully meet their purpose and goals of attracting customers and increasing sales.

Our vision is to create added value, a recognizable image, and continuous support to small businesses in their development, but not at the cost of losing the originality and authenticity of our satisfied customers.

Did you know that most of the currently active websites on the Internet are outdated? You may own such a site without even realizing that it does not meet the potential you expect from it. Many currently active websites need the necessary adaptation to modern trends to fulfill their purpose and contribute to business growth and expansion of potential users.

Take an example where a web page displays small letters of text or thumbnails when opened on a mobile device. The inevitable result of this is immediate user dissatisfaction. When a user is prevented from quick and straightforward access to information, he or she very quickly gives up further retention on the site and the potential purchase of a product or service..

Keep in mind that the level of patience of users is limited, and complicated search usually ends badly, by the user leaving our site and going to the competition. When creating a website, it is necessary to adapt the design to a mobile device today because almost everyone owns and uses a smartphone. Consider how many potential customers left your website due to bad design without reading a single sentence. A large number of smartphone users are not technically savvy and do not have enough knowledge or time to search through unfamiliar and poorly made websites.

Your business need is our great passion and specialty - creating websites in the WordPress CMS system. Also, we specialize in creating web pages according to specific requirements, directly from HTML5 code and stylized in CSS3 language. We pre-optimize all the websites we build for quick search and use on mobile devices of all screen sizes. After creating the website, we keep continuously developing web applications.

The number of smartphone users is enormous and continually increasing. According to research, the average smartphone user spends as much as 5 hours a day using their mobile device. Statistics are the most reliable proof of the necessity of adapting websites to mobile phones. It is also necessary to maintain them and continuously adapt to current trends.

We offer our clients build of websites according to their wishes and specifications with fixed prices for maintenance, starting from only 80HRK/month. We strive to be among the most favorable in our business, providing even the smallest companies with the same quality service and a chance to profit on the market. We believe that creating a website alone is not enough. We offer all clients our knowledge, experience, and suggestions for improving and developing the business because your success is our success.

So far, we have created websites for various companies, crafts, and associations. With our technical support and specialized knowledge, our clients have the opportunity for significant growth and new business opportunities with low investments. All our clients know this and use it well. A well-designed website creates new leads that generate revenue and, ultimately, profit. For example, on one of our recent projects, we created a client website with 7 HTML pages, a blog section, and an SEO campaign. The result of the completed project is 450 new users per month and about 700 visits every month. These are the results for the first three months! We should emphasize that the client did not spend a single penny on advertising. We are proud of these results, but more importantly, our client is satisfied and ready for new projects and business expansion.

What do you think we could do for your business?