Construction of marketing structure

Construction of marketing infrastructure

author: Nevena Mikec, 21. 03. 2018
digital marketing in SME company

Almost every successful business is based on a well-thought-out marketing infrastructure.

Investing time, effort, and money in a good business idea in today's world is pointless without end customers who are a guarantee of profitability for any business. If you want to sell your product, the customer needs to know about its existence and needs information on where to find it. For a product to find a customer, it is inevitable to create marketing channels. Without digital marketing, a company has a high, almost certain chance of failure. Successful companies invest high amounts of money in the marketing structure on digital platforms because the money invested here pays off many times over. Digital marketing provides new channels and attracts many more potential customers instead of leaving them to the competition. Structuring marketing channels means creating a base from which all marketing activities flow. The first step asks the question of which tactics to choose for the company to meet the set goals and how to implement the overall marketing strategy?

e-mail marketing

E-mail marketing

E-mail in digital marketing is the glue that keeps different marketing channels connected. There is a difference between different forms of e-mail and newsletters, and it is essential to distinguish between them. Newsletters are sent by e-mail and contain some informative content about the product or service so that the content is divided into several smaller articles through which readers can scroll and choose which part of the newsletter to read. The newsletter does not advertise a product directly but provides useful information about individual aspects of the product or the lifestyle associated with that product. A well-designed newsletter sent to a well-targeted audience can be a powerful sales driver and boost product or brand awareness.

E-mail marketing involves several types of messages that try to motivate the recipient to take action. They invite you to shop, visit a particular place and so on. There are also welcome e-mails, product promotions, invitations to retain membership status, collecting points, and more. It's best to focus on e-mails that work well for a particular brand or company. Keep marketing plan simple, and the focus on the essentials to lower the risk of subscriber congestion and then unsubscription from the mailing list or marking the message as spam. Good e-mail marketing results are achieved with your list of subscribers. Personally collect and create a reliable mailing list. Special attention should be paid to the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation). User data is the foundation of digital marketing, and this regulation has brought specific requirements and significant changes in digital marketing. When creating a marketing infrastructure, pay attention to the legal and digital aspects of the application of this regulation.

marketing on social networks

Social networks

Social networks by themselves don’t mean much if they aren’t integrated into the overall digital and marketing program. A company’s strategy on social media should be based on well-defined business goals and focus where it can have the most significant impact. Through social networks, user experience and online communities are created to help the organic growth of business and market visibility. Regular publishing of content, current topics, interaction with users, and other activities should be well thought. That is why professionals are hired to think about and analyze each message and its content before publishing.

svrha bloga

Blog and storytelling

Along with websites, blogs are vital marketing channels for today’s companies. They are an excellent tool for direct communication and sales. Users respond positively when their favorite brand regularly publishes blogs providing them with insight into the news, offers, and more. A novelty in marketing is the so-called storytelling - telling a story about a product or experience instead of merely listing the characteristics. Marketing experts have noticed that people pay more attention to the story than to the facts themselves, and it stays in their memory longer than other forms of advertising. According to research, by telling their own brand story, companies have the opportunity to increase the value of a product or service by more than 20 times.

By using carefully selected keywords in selected places in the text, official pages and blogs are more visible and relevant to search engines, achieving organic (unpaid) search results, and increasing page traffic. A bounce rate is a tool for measuring, optimizing, and looking for ways to improve in attracting visitors to stay on a particular site. The bounce rate measures the percentage of website visitors and their interaction with it.

making a podcast for marketing purposes


In digital marketing a podcast is a novelty that more than expected good results. The word itself does not have its own version in the Croatian language, and it works                                      is about audio recordings on various topics, available at any time and which can be listened to live (streaming) or on demand. Podcast can be a great method                                      to enter a free media space, an imaginative way of fitting storytelling, or to participate in current topics of interest to users.                                          In the United States, in early 2019, 44% of the population listened to a podcast, with as many as 80% of those watching most or all episodes of a podcast.                                          These data are not negligible when it comes to looking for potential buyers.

sending letters in marketing

The power of physical mail in the digital age

According to a Wall Street Journal, report, Facebook Inc. has announced that it has overestimated up to 80% in calculating the average time people have spent watching video ads on their platform, over two years. At a time when everything is going fast, and users are seeing hundreds of commercials a day in their digital space, sending physical mail has excellent potential. One good example is the Ikea catalog. The company is still investing in this marketing channel towards its customers as it returns multiple times in profits.

Other marketing channels

Sending text messages (SMS) is more personal than sending an e-mail and should not be used for every marketing campaign. You need to know when to send an SMS and be sure to avoid sending it often. Coordinating SMS with e-mails and tracking user habits can provide useful guidance for future campaigns. Also, keep in mind the user's location, the best time of day to send messages, and avoid too long communication. Contact forms on websites are another in a series of proper channels towards users. They are part of a website where users answer questions and give information such as name and contact info. Contact forms are very often used to get feedback, receive inquiries, comments, or can encourage users to subscribe to the newsletter. Using contact forms gives the site a professional look, facilitates the user experience, and creates a reliable and useful mailing list.

Surprise and enchant at first

Surprise and enchant at first

This type of campaign is named Shock and Awe. It refers to creating a physical package that is sent by mail or delivered to interested customers and potential customers. The box or bag needs to provide all the necessary information for making a purchase decision. The Shock and Awe package has looks and content that surprises, entertains, delights, or inspires its recipient.The psychological effect of receiving the package, unwinding it, and waiting to see the content, encourages potential customers to connect with the product and its positive impact on improving their lifestyle. This gift package does not have to be expensive. An almost equally good marketing outcome can be achieved with a fun fridge magnet as with an expensive face cream. What surprises and enchants people the gift-s design and when and to whom it is delivered. Shock and Awe is an original and intelligent part of a marketing campaign and building your marketing infrastructure.

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